Return & Refunds

Majorca Pearls

Guarantee & Consumer Satisfaction Statement – our “4R” rule – Any product you have purchased from Maria Valco Corp may be returned at any time for repair, replacement or refund, within 7 days.

Please contact us immediately upon receiving your shipment if you find any damages to your jewelry.

If when you receive your package there is any evidence of damage to the box, please notify the carrier immediately so that they may document this information.

Important Information!

They are some other vendors that carry #majorcapearls#, this #man made# #organic Pearl# is world wide well known.

We only guarantee the quality of our products, and in consequence we only take care of the #Pearls# that have been purchased trough our Company #mariavalco##majorcapearls. All other Brand Pearls have to be taking care by their Vendors.

Thank You

Maria Valco