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The timeless elegance of PEARLS, are today strongly represented by Majorca Pearls... most popular MAN

MADE PEARLS in the market of Man Made  jewelry. In the Spanish island of Majorca in the

Mediterranean. Local women there have specialized in the artistic fabrication of faux pearls since the

19th Century.

These pearls have such a resemblance to the natural cultivated pearls that only experts can tell them

apart. Mallorca pearls are well known for their superior quality.

In Manacor, there are many Pearls Companies where locals have been working for years on the

manufacturing of Majorca pearls. We at Maria Valco-Majorca Pearls are proud to carry the best quality in

Mallorca Pearls.

These kind of pearls are far less expensive but lustrous as the natural ones. If you are shopping for

Mallorcan pearls, you have to contact companies that have service and guarantee for their pieces.

We are contacted constantly for repair or other issues, because customers do not know where to refer

when they have a problem. Maria Valco - Majorca Pearls , offers a variety of necklaces, bracelets and

earrings in all sizes and lenghts.

We have from white pearls to all colored pearls (pink , blue, green, purple etc..). Pearls are strongly

associated with love.

They are known to be linked to Aphrodite (The Greek Goddess of love) and to Venus (The Roman

Goddess of love). In ancient Greece, pearls were also believed to promote marital happiness. Which is

why a lot of brides throughout history have worn pearls on their wedding day.

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