Cleaning & Care

Cleaning & Care

Cleaning & Care




The timeless elegance of Majorca Pearls….Beauty from the sea!

Majorca Pearls are produced using uncompromising standards, in a controlled, environmentally stable

process similar to the oyster’s own. Each translucent nucleus is coated with layer upon layer of nacre

(pronounced nay-ker)…the semi-opaque, liquefied material which lines the inside surface of the pearl

shell. This is what provides Majorca Pearls with their rich luster, magnificent finish and deeply

reflective sheen. Majorca Pearls from are fully protected for 10 years against

discoloration, chipping or peeling, assuring durability far superior to any other type of pearl.

Use & Care Guide

The best way to care for your pearls is to wear them often! The body’s natural oils help to keep their

luster. Pearls should be wiped with a soft cloth before being stored and should be kept separate from

other precious metals or gemstones.




Your Majorca Pearls with special attention and care will last a lifetime! Keep them away from

hairspray, makeup and perfume that can dull their luster over time and cause spots and

blotches. To avoid the effects of cosmetics and perfume, pearls should be the last thing a woman puts

on before going out, and the first thing she takes off after returning home.

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